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All Mysoda electronic gift card's has a unique code. When you want to pay with a gift card put the gift card code under "gift card or discount code" and press "Apply" in the shopping card. This will reduce the amount of the gift card from the shopping card's total amount. The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship orders from our online store outside the EU (with the exception of Norway and Switzerland). Our retailer Finnish Design Shop. has a wide delivery area, so we recommend ordering our products from their online store.

Please note that you cannot buy products from the Mysoda online store VAT-free, because the online store's products are only sold to consumers.


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-Pack the products carefully in their original packaging.

-Take the package to your nearest Posti service point and send the return to the address below using Posti contact ID.

Return address: Mysoda Oy Holkkitie 6 00880 Helsinki

Contact ID for the returns: Posti 646886

-Remember to ask for a receipt for your return and keep the receipt until you receive an email from us confirming your return.

When returning products ordered outside Finland:

-Contact our customer service info@mysoda.fi and state in the message that you want to return the order. We will send you detailed return instructions.

If you don't pick up your order within the time specified by the transport company, your order will be returned to the sender, Mysoda Oy. In this case, we will consider the transaction canceled and refund you the payment. Please note that we do not refund any postage for your order.


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You can pay your order online with all major Finnish banks:

- Aktian
- Danske Bank
- Handelsbanken
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- Oma Säästöpankki
- Osuuspankki
- POP-pankki
- Säästöpankki
- S-pankki
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- MobilePay

- Pivo

-Google Pay

-Apple Pay

You have the following invoice and installment service:

- Walley

Read more about the installment here

Other available payment options are:

- Shop Pay

- PayPal


You can find the user manuals for all our models here

The white specks you can see on our Woody and Toby sparkling water makers are no sign of dirt or damage of the machine but part of their design and material. Our sparkling water makers are made of renewable wood composite. The white particles you see are wood fibres which are a component of the wood composite material used.

Due to shipping restrictions CO2 cylinders cannot be shipped to the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Cyprus and the Åland Islands.

Moreover, CO2 cylinders are by default not included in Ruby 2 and Glassy packages. For countries not listed above, you can add a CO2 cylinder to your order separately.

If your delivery does not contain a CO2 cylinder you can use a cylinder bought from a local store or, if you have owned a sparkling water maker before, you can use your old CO2 cylinder. This applies to cylinders using the common screw-on mechanism for attaching it to the device. Those screw-on cylinders are manufactured in accordance with a common European standard which means that cylinders from different brands are compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers and vice versa.

Yes, other operators', such as Sodastream's and Aga's, CO2 cylinders are fully compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers. This applies to cylinders with the most common screw-on mechanism. Quick Connect cylinders are not compatible. Vice versa Mysoda CO2 cylinders are also compatible with all sparkling water makers from different manufacturers that use screw-on cylinders for carbonation.

Please note that we do not recommend to use flavoured Sodataste cylinders with Mysoda Glassy as possible foaming during the carbonation cannot be noticed due to the closed door safety mechanism.

Yes, all of the Mysoda drink mixes manufactured in Finland are vegan.

-Fill the bottle with cold water up to the mark.

-Attach the bottle to the appliance and carbonate the water by pressing the carbonation button 2-3 times, depending on your preference.

-Add the Mysoda drink mix into the glass as instructed on the bottle. 1 to 2 tablespoons depending on the drink mix.

-Fill the glass with cold sparkling water.

-Stir and enjoy

Our reusable plastic water bottles are compatible with all Mysoda sparkling water makers. In addition, they can be used with devices with bayonet fitting produced by Wassermaxx, Aqvia, Drinkmate and Levivo. Mysoda glass bottles are only compatible with our Glassy model. 

No, these sparkling water makers are not designed for the use with glass bottles. Due to the devices’ open design, they can, for safety reasons, not be used with glass bottles. You should only use original Mysoda bottles on your Mysoda sparkling water maker. Mysoda cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused using another manufacturer’s bottle.

For the time being we are unable to ship CO2 cylinders to Ireland through the Mysoda webstore. Nevertheless, CO2 cylinders compatible with Mysoda devices are readily available also in Ireland. Our devices are compatible with cylinders from other manufacturers such as CO2 You, Sodastream and many other brands that offer the standard screw-in cylinders. You can find compatible cylinders at many supermarkets and drugstores. When buying your cylinder make sure to buy a cylinder with the most common screw-in mechanism and avoid Quick Connect cylinders, as Quick Connect cylinders are not compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers.

Ruby 2 is our second-generation sparkling water maker of the Ruby model. In addition to all the perks of our Ruby model, Ruby 2 features:

  • A beautiful tone-to-tone colour scheme
  • An improved anti-freeze nozzle that creates a larger amount of smaller bubbles for a more pleasant drinking experience
  • A nozzle, tone-to-tone with other parts of the device, that keeps its original colour over the years
  • Improved scratch-proof coating for easier maintenance and an even more beautiful matte finish

The two packages also differ slightly in terms of contents. Ruby 2 comes with only a 1L water bottle while the classic Ruby package includes a 1L and a 0.5L bottle. Ruby 2 is delivered without CO2 cylinder while Ruby for many countries has a CO2 cylinder included. For more information, please refer to "Is a CO2-cylinder included in the sparkling water maker packages sold through the Mysoda onlineshop?" and the details on the respective product page.


Send us a message to info@mysoda.fi and we will answer you personally.