A package containing one Mysoda CO2 cylinder
A Mysoda CO2-cylinder and the made in Finland label

Mysoda Extragas

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Mysoda Extragas (carbon dioxide cylinder) is compatible with sparkling water makers from different manufacturers (except Sodastream models using Quick Connect cylinders). Mysoda gas cylinders only contain pure food-grade CO2 and it has been granted the Avainlippu logo. The cylinders are filled in our own factory in Helsinki using environmentally friendly wind power.

We recommend keeping 1-3 extra cylinders at home so you never run out of bubbles. With each cylinder you can make 40-60 litres of sparkling water, depending on the carbonation level and the type of sparkling water maker.

Note! Due to shipping restrictions CO2 cylinders cannot be shipped to the following countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, and the Åland Islands.

A perfect match

In case you did not know, Mysoda CO2 cylinders are compatible with sparkling water makers from different manufacturers such as Aarke, Sodapop, Aga and Sodastream (except Sodastream models using Quick Connect cylinders).

We are happy to recycle any cylinder and fill them with local CO2 over and over again. The lifecycle of a cylinder is up to 40 years! Next time, ask for the Mysoda bubbles at your retailer.




Which cylinders are compatible?

Cylinders produced by other manufacturers are also compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers as long as these cylinders use the common screw-on mechanism for attaching them to the device. Quick Connect cylinders are not compatible with Mysoda devices. You can learn more about identifying a compatible CO2 cylinder here.