Water bottle 0.5L, 2-pack

Water bottle 0.5L, 2-pack

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The smaller size is a great choice for kids and on-the-go purposes. Our reusable water bottles are compatible with all Mysoda sparkling water makers as well as Wassermaxx, Aqvia, Sodapop, Drinkmate and Levivo devices made for plastic bottles. The bottle has a quick-lock mechanism which makes it easy to use with the device. Bottles are safe for food use. We have reduced the amount of plastic in the cap and bottom by replacing most of it with wood-based composite. Mysoda bottles have been awarded the Design from Finland mark.

Package includes: 2 x 0.5 litre water bottle

In case you live in the UK or outside of Europe, please order Mysoda products at Finnish Design Shop. In the US Mysoda products are available on Amazon.


Soda made from concentrate is an ecological option. Less transport emissions and less packaging material. More to drink from a smaller package! We have 13 different drink mixes. Five of the flavours are sweetened with sugar and eight are for the lovers of sugar-free beverages