Mysoda Woody sparkling water maker

Homemade is the most local

From the beginning

For Mysoda it all started with a question that was not being answered well enough. The question was: Why should the carbon dioxide and beverage concentrates used in sparkling water makers be transported on rubber wheels from one end of Europe to the other?

Nevertheless, this happened all the time. CO2 cylinders were transported to Finland from thousands of kilometres away and then the same bottles were returned empty. This didn't make sense from an economic perspective, let alone an environmental one. Carbon dioxide, the raw material for the bubbles, is air and the concentrate used to make the drinks is mainly water- Perhaps both could be produced locally instead?

Close to our customers' kitchens

Today Mysoda produces CO2 cylinders locally at our own production facilities in Finland and France. In addition, we cooperate with two partners having their own production facilities for filling CO2 cylinders in Germany.

Moreover, Mysoda drink mixes are produced locally in Finland and France. We strive to be as close to our customers as possible, whether in the Nordics or in Central Europe.

We strive for locality in our business and minimize transport emissions every step of the way. With Mysoda you can avoid unnecessary transportation and easily turn tap water into tasty sparkling water. No need to leave home.