Timeless design that stands out

Well, let's face it. Looks do matter. The space in almost every kitchen is so limited that the ugliest devices simply end up hidden in the closets. Mysoda sparkling water makers are true centrepieces to your kitchen that deserve to be seen and never go out of style.

Find your match

Mysoda sparkling water makers come in a wide range of different colours, ranging from the classics, black and white, to more bold colours. Find the perfect match for your kitchen and interior. Since our devices do not require electricity, you can place your Mysoda sparkling water maker anywhere in your home. Just the way you like it.

Design awards

All our sparkling water makers, whether they are made from sustainable wood composite or long-lasting aluminium, are carefully designed to combine stunning looks with functionality and durability. Our devices have been granted the Design from Finland mark.

In addition, Mysoda Woody received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 and the iF gold award 2021, two of the most prestigious design awards internationally. The device impresses with its design, innovativeness, functionality, and environmental friendliness. In 2022 Woody was awarded the Honourable Mention at the Finnish Fennia Prize 22. Most recently, Woody was also awarded the Green Good Design award presented yearly to the most important products, projects and innovations that lead the way towards a fully sustainable design

Following in the footsteps of Woody, our second generation premium sparkling water maker Ruby 2 has also been recognized with the Red Dot Award in 2023.

Logo for the Red Dot Award for Product design 2021
Beauty lies in the detail

Can you spot it? Our sparkling water makers have some interesting tweaks to them. Mark the elegant wave pattern on the devices' base and the devices' clear lines. If you look even more closely, you will also find a pattern of irregular white specks covering Woody and Toby sparkling water makers - small wood particles which are one of the main components of the renewable wood composite material used for our devices - making each sparkling water maker unique.