Latte Glassy sparkling water maker
A latte Glassy sparkling water maker and glass bottle in front of latte background
Latte Glassy sparkling water maker and PET bottle
Black Glassy sparkling water maker
A black Glassy sparkling water maker and glass bottle in front of black background
Black Glassy sparkling water maker and PET bottle
Pigeon Glassy sparkling water maker
A pigeon-coloured Glassy sparkling water maker and glass bottle on tone-to-tone background
Pigeon Glassy sparkling water maker and PET bottle
Glassy sparkling water maker

Glassy sparkling water maker

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The new Mysoda Glassy sets a new standard for glass bottle carbonators. Distinct and solid design sheltering state-of-the-art functionality and durability. With Glassy you can finally enjoy your Mysoda drinks from a stylish glass bottle.

    • Made from renewable wood composite and high-quality aluminium
    • Available in three colours
    • A matte finish with subtly visible wood fibres
    • Safe carbonation behind closed door
    • Automated sliding door opening
    • Quick-lock bottle mechanism
    • Silent carbonation system
    • Innovative carbonation nozzle
    • No electricity required
    • Includes 1L glass bottle and 1L reusable plastic bottle
    • Glass bottle can be washed in the dishwasher (attention: cap not dishwasher safe)

    Mysoda's own as well as other operators', such as Sodastream's and Aga's, CO2 cylinders are fully compatible with Glassy. This applies to cylinders with the most common screw-on mechanism. Quick Connect cylinders are not compatible.

    Please note that we do not recommend to use flavoured Sodataste cylinders with Mysoda Glassy as possible foaming during carbonation cannot be noticed due to the closed-door safety mechanism.

    Note! A CO2 cylinder is not included in the Glassy package.
    Where to find compatible CO2 cylinders near you? Read our tips here

    Mysoda products in the US and outside Europe available from Finnish Design Shop

    1 x Glassy sparkling water maker
    1 x reusable glass bottle
    1 x reusable plastic bottle

    W: 18,80 cm
    H: 44,40 cm
    D: 18,80 cm

    The package does not include a CO2 cylinder. Ruby 2 is compatible with Mysoda CO2 cylinders as well as cylinders produced by other manufacturers as long as these cylinders use the common screw-in mechanism for attaching them to the device. Quick Connect cylinders are not compatible with Mysoda devices.

    Designed in Finland. Produced in China. Warranty: 2 years

    User manual

    Learn about Glassy's life cycle carbon emissions from the purchase of the first raw materials until the end of the product's lifetime.

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    Form meets function

    With its sensational design Glassy brings elegance and convenience into everyday life. Quick-lock bottles, a clever carbonation button and the automated door opening make the carbonation process smooth and effortless. Glassy is particularly silent and requires no electricity. With Glassy you can carbonate your sparkling water in any Mysoda water bottle you like. Glassy can handle dishwasher safe 1L glass bottles as well as 1L and 0.5L plastic bottles. Now you can finally pick the most suitable bottle for any occasion.

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